You can manually enter and edit the shortcodes for the coupon widget on to posts and pages as necessary, but for your convenience, it’s also possible to insert coupons directly from the posts and pages toolbar.

Step 1: When you are on the edit screen for a new post or page, find the shortcut option in the classic toolbar (when Pro version is installed):

post and page toolbar shortcut

Step 2: Simply click it, and you will see it presents the option to generate a shortcode from your available coupons.

You can choose whether you want to add a single coupon box, or multiple from a particular store or category you have created.

shortcut options

This feature is best suited for adding a selection of coupons for a particular store or category, as the shortcode required has more components, and this feature makes it easy to insert them based on the simple input fields:

category shortcode builder

Step 3: Decide on the heading title size, whether you want the coupons in a grid or not, how many coupons to show, and from which store or category.

Step 4: After you have input your preferences, click the “OK” button. The shortcode will be automatically generated and added to the post.

To learn more about displaying coupons in the grid style, see here. The default display of coupons is in list format if no grid code is present.