Looking to display the coupon widgets side-by-side in grid format, as seen on the demo page? Here’s how to do that.

Simply add the following code within the shortcode:


For example, a full shortcode would look something like:

[couponplugin cat="coupon-category" h="h2" name="hosting" num="4" grid="4"]

The number used within the grid=” “ code refers to the width i.e. how many coupons are displayed side-by-side. Typically 3 or 4 works best but you’ll want to try some experimentation.

It will also work in conjunction with how many coupons you have displayed using the num=”4″ line, replacing the number 4 with however many coupons you wish to display overall in the grid.

It’s also possible to generate the shortcode for this using the plugin shortcut inside the WordPress Editor toolbar, see here.